High School Principal

Welcome to Milbank Middle School and Milbank High School. I am very proud and honored to be the principal of our secondary grades and feel very fortunate to be working with the students, parents and staff of this district. I also feel very fortunate to live in a community which supports our school district so strongly. I believe we have a very strong and professional staff that pushes our students to excel academically, in the arts, activities and in athletics. Milbank has a long tradition of academic excellence as well as great success in our arts, activities and athletics. I encourage and invite you to look at our assessment data and history to gain a better understanding of our district.

In order to have success, students need to have positive relationships with adults in our building. We have committed ourselves to working on skills and strategies which will enhance our ability to create and maintain strong working relationships with our students, families and co-workers.

Welcome to Milbank!

Dan Snaza
High School Principal